El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

jueves, octubre 22, 2015


This simple ritual is designed to bring in the Blue Moon energies for setting goals and making lifetime commitments to oneself that should manifest positive changes. These changes may take several weeks, months or even a full year to complete. Honor the Goddess and yourself by allowing these changes to manifest in their own time.

Perform this ritual outside under the Blue Moon if possible or indoors at a window facing the Blue Moon.

What you’ll need:

A white candle to represent the Goddess
Blue and/or white candles for decorating the altar
Blue or white altar cloth
Statue of the Goddess (optional)
Blue piece of paper
Blue pencil or wax crayon
Blue string

Decorate your altar with a blue or white altar cloth, blue and/or white candles and a Goddess statue or something that reminds you of the Goddess. You may also add anything that evokes sacred femininity for you such as flowers, a chalice or cauldron, lunar objects, et cetera.

Before beginning your ritual, perform a Moon Bath Ritual or other purification bath.

If your tradition calls for you to cast a circle, do so now. Light the Goddess candle and standing in the Goddess position and say:

“Hear me Lady from high above
I stand this night in light and love
I ask for your heart and hand to guide
As I perform this sacred rite

Blue Moon so full and bright
The thirteenth moon of lunar sight
May triumph reign upon this night
As change begins by Blue Moon light”

Light the rest of the candles if you’ve added them to your altar. Now take some time to meditate about all the changes you want to make, the goals you want to set for yourself, the commitments you want to make. Write them down on the blue piece of paper with a blue pencil or wax crayon. When you are done, roll the paper up and tie the blue string around it. Now, holding it in your hand say something like this:

“Gracious lady bring to me the changes that I seek
And grant to me upon this night your feminine mystique
Give me the strength to follow through in everything I do
And in my heart place upon joyful devotion to you
Guide my steps and where I walk with pride and humbleness
To speak my truth from my heart where boundless love abides
And at the end of the day when I lay down my head
May I be blessed by the things that I have said
Help me to serve in all the tasks that I am led to do
With verve and loving kindness so that I may honor you
Gracious lady this I ask in all sincerity
By doing this may I stand tall, upright and carefree”

Now light the paper and place it into your cauldron, fire pit or whatever you use for this purpose. Imagine all your changes coming to fruition and when you are ready you may end the ritual according to your tradition.

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