El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

viernes, octubre 23, 2015


Doorways have power, down through the centuries we have always known this to be true. The door is the way in, and the way out. How you step through it, what you put over or in it, who comes and who goes all have their causes and effects. Here we have an extensive collection of folk remedies that use the power of going in and coming out to cure all sorts of maladies.
Arms: When you stand in a door jamb and press your palms against the sides as hard as you can, then when you step out of the doorway, your arms will automatically rise up.
Asthma For asthma, bore a hole in the doorway the height of the child; put in the hole a piece of the child's hair after spitting on it. Plug it up, and as the child grows above the hole, the asthma will leave.
Chicken pox: If you would cure chicken pox, lie in the doorway and let a chicken run over you. Or find a place where a cow has been wallowing and lie down in it.
Childbirth Difficulties: If child delivery is difficult, pregnant woman sits on doorway - interestingly pregnant women were often told never to stand or sit in a doorway as this would cause a difficult childbirth.
Child Safety: If a feather is placed in the doorway, a young child will not pass it to go out.
Crying Baby: For a crying child, the baby is put down in the doorway of the house and all the dirt swept up from the various rooms is quickly swept over him.
Enganido (a general weakness in children): at hour of Angelus or prayer, several blessed herbs (rosemary, olive laurel) are burned in the doorway, along with cat hair and a hen’s feather; 2 women named Mary stand on either side of fire; one hands child to other and a certain charm or prayer is recited (prayer is unknown); done nine times on nine days.
Epidemics: A monkey’s skull is placed on one’s doorway to ward off epidemics
Good Health: The Druids hung mistletoe over their doorways, believing that only happiness could enter a house so protected, and it was credited with curative powers in the homes where it was hung. Alternatively hang garlic cloves in the doorway to keep illness away. Also, onions hung at the door-way absorb all disease from anyone entering, but the onions must be thrown away.
Health and Wealth: Sprinkling salt across your doorways will keep health and wealth inside your house.
Healing: A woman was cured by different mystical expedients and certain enchanted yarn which was laid in the doorway. The first man who entered the room through the door was infected by the disease and the woman recovered.
Induce Insanity (in women): To induce insanity in women, hang horse’s hoofs and ox horns in bag at doorway.
Luck: If the left hand itches, be sure to rub it on wood, especially on the side of the doorway, that all that enter will be good luck or bring good luck to you.
Nosebleeds: A jar of blood placed over a doorway will stop nosebleeds.
Pregnancy Gender Test: First foot by which a pregnant woman enters a doorway determines the sex (but it is not stated which). A more definitive gender test is as follows; Hang needle from doorway. Female with burden stands there under. If needle circles-female. If needle swings-other type.
Pregnancy Test: The Berlin and Carlsberg Medical papyri give almost identical instructions: examine the woman’s eyes while she stands in the doorway. If one eye looks like that of an Asiatic and the other like that of a Negro, she is not pregnant, but if both have the same color, then the test is positive. Wreszinski suggests that the woman is made to stand in the doorway so the light will be good without the sun shining in her eyes. Lüring implies the examiner stands outside the house. Since the eyes of the Egyptian, the Asiatic, and the Negro are dark anyway, the “difference” must have been rather subtle at best.
Puncture Wounds: If you step on a nail, grease the nail and put it over the doorway or somewhere where it will not rust, to prevent infection.
Sign of a Good Housekeeper: If a broom should fall across the doorway, and the next person to enter is a woman and picks the broom up, stands it on the handle, broom end up, she will be a good housekeeper.
Sunburn protection: On first of march, even if it’s snowing, leave the house for the first time by going backward through the doorway. This insures protection from sunburn in the summer
Teething problems: When a baby is born, write its name and birthday on an egg, put it in a sock and hang it above the doorway he is carried through most often, and the child will have no difficulty cutting teeth. Or you can simply tie an egg in paper sack, hang it over doorway so baby may pass under it.
Tooth Ache: A girl’s toothache is cured by making motions over tooth with a nail and mumbling an incantation. On floor of doorway make 3 crosses with the nail and drive it into the boards with hammer. Every blow of the hammer was striking the tooth itself.
Walking Difficulties: To make a stunted child walk: set him in the doorway and sweep his legs with a new broom.
Wart removal: Cut a potato in half, sprinkle cut side of one piece with salt. Rub the wart and then run through three doorways and outdoors toss the potato over your left shoulder without looking.

Contraindications - When doorways are to be avoided:
A patient suffering from fever who leaves his house before dawn to obtain a cure should leave by the window rather than by the door. Otherwise, the first person to pass through the doorway would catch the fever.
Carry anything on the shoulder through a doorway will stunt the growth of a child
Do not allow a pregnant woman to sit or remain on the doorway lest she have difficult delivery.
If you step over a broom that has fallen across a doorway, it brings sickness.
If you step over someone lying on the floor his growth will be stunted. This may be averted by stepping back over him.
It is bad for a rooster to crow in the doorway if someone is ill inside. It may mean death.
It is bad luck to walk under the extended arm of a person standing in a doorway.
Never make the sign of the cross in a doorway, or death will come to your family.
Never place a small child near a doorway when the -door is open, or a witch will cast a spell over it.
Never shake hands through a doorway; it is bad luck.
Stumbling at the doorway upon one’s going out of the house will bring misfortune.
To prevent your baby from having a hard delivery, do not stand in open doorways when you are pregnant.
You should break a glass at the front doorway after returning home from a funeral. It is supposed to break the trend of deaths.
Witchcraft curses are put on families by secretly sprinkling a potion on the doorway or making a circle around the house so that contamination will occur on contact.

Remember this rule: Always step through a doorway with your right foot first. If you should step through with your left foot first

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