El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

miércoles, octubre 21, 2015


Making your own vapor rub:

Eucalyptus and other essential oils can be very effective in relieving a cough. 
The oils help to increase oxygen flow and break up chest congestion. Some even have antibacterial and antiviral properties.  
This makes a great chest rubs, applied topically,
You will need:

2 parts coconut oil
1 part beeswax...
Eucalyptus essential oil (about 10 drops per ounce)
Camphor essential oil (about 5 drops per ounce)

Melt the oil and beeswax in a pan (double boiler) and then add the essential oils. Pour into containers.  (Let cool completely) does not cover until completely cooled as water will form and salve can spoil,
The salve will harden within 10-15 minutes. If you find it is too soft, like the consistency of an ointment, you can scoop it back into the pan, re-melt it and add more beeswax. If it is too hard, re-melt and add more oil.
Recipe by Pen Parker 11/30/14 

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