El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

jueves, octubre 22, 2015


the ritual..... written by Jade Luna

Hecate of the night, Hecate of the miserable sea,
I offer you this scent. the scent incense. with the madness of hounds and the sound of bells .
I conjure Hecate from beyond the veil. accept this offering, accept our devotion,
I honor only you Hecate queen of the black ocean. black hair, black skin with the black widow bite. bless us with your presence on this haunting night. all is your will black Hecate,
accept my offering so mote it be.

adveho infernus terrenus et cealestis bombo Hecate. dea quae asumo latus via et quadrivium, quae exultor Gloria caliga. regina quae exultor ut canis crusta et tepidus cruor et eptos.
Hecate quae ep per lumaris in sepulchrum.
Hecate cuiuc cities es cruor. quae effendo formido terrorin moralic pectus. gorgo mormo luna per mele vultus, iocio prosper occulus super mihih sacrificum.
Gloria dea domina inferi et in terra vita hominibus fortibus. laudamus te benedicamus te, adoramus te, gloricamus te, gratias agimus tibi proter magnam potentiam tuam.
domina Hecate, infernus regina imperator omnipotents. vos estis mors, vos estis skelesti vos estis mere,voe estis nafandi, vos estis sepulchri.
ego reginam cornibus astres amor Hecate chthonia.

come infernal, terrestrial and heavenly bombo Hecate goddess of the broad roadways, or crossroads, thou who goest to and fro at night. torch in hand enemy of the day.
friend and lover of darkness, thou who doest rejoice when bitches are howling and warm blood is spilled. thou who are a walking phantom and in the place of tombs.
thou who thrist is blood, thou who strikes chill and fear in the mortal heart. gorgo mormom, moon of a thousand forms, cast a pritious eye on our sacrifise.
glory to Hecate queen of the underworld, and on earth and life strength to man. we praise thee, we bless thee, we adore thee, we give thanks to thee and thy great power.
Hecate queen almighty empress. you are death, you are destruction, you are beauty, you are the grave.

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