El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

jueves, noviembre 05, 2015


Here is a Medicine Bag to be carried or worn to facilitate healing. Gather the following ingredients:
A sprig each of St. John's wort, woundwort, and self-heal

Twig or leaf from an oak tree
Tiny water-worn pebble, which should be round or disc-shaped and preferably have a reddish or orange hue
Light downy feather
Scrap of red flannel or woolen cloth.
Red, orange, and light blue thread
Red drawstring bag
Sandalwood or Myrrh essential oil

Bind the herbs and feather round with a cord made from plaiting (braiding) red, orange, and light blue thread together. Wrap the herbs together with the bebble in the red cloth and tie with another length of the plaited cord. Put in a red drawstring bag, and perfume with the sandalwood or myrrh oil.

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