El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

domingo, julio 10, 2016


"The Earth began to bellow, trees to dance
And howling dogs in glimmering light advance
Ere Hekate came."

Dark Goddess Hecate's celebration day is November 16

The Goddess Hecate was a deity of the night, crossroads, life and death. She was called Most Lovely One, the Distant One, Queen of the World of Spirits, goddess of witchcraft. To the Thracians especially, Hecate was goddess of the Moon, the dark hours, and the Underworld. Midwives were connected with her.

Some myths say Hecate was the daughter of the Titans Tartaros and Night; other versions say of Perseus and Asteria (Starry-Night), or of Zeus and Hera. We do know her worship did not originate in Greece. One of her sacred animals was the toad, a symbol of conception. She was called the goddess of transformation as she ruled over the various passages of life, and could change forms or ages.

Hecate was considered to be the third aspect of the Moon, the Hag or Crone (Carrier of Wisdom).The Greeks called Hecate the Hag of the Dead. (The word "hag" may have come from the Egyptian word "heq", meaning a matriarachal ruler who knew magickal words of power.)

An ally of Zeus, she was accompanied by a pack of hounds.
An aspect of the Amazon goddess, Hecate's chariot was pulled by dragons. Her symbols were the key and the cauldron. The women who worshipped her often stained their palms and soles with henna. Her festivals were held at night by torchlight. Every year on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf, a mysterious festival was held in her honor.

-Shell (full of drinkable water)
-Dirt (about a handful)
-Feather (preferably eagle but any works)

"I call upon you goddess hecate!
Blessed be and defend me!"

Drink the water from the shell.

"I call to you goddess maiden
From the sea!"

Spin the feather widdershins through the air.

"I call to you goddess mother
From the sky!"

Rub the dirt on your hands.

"I call to you goddess crone
From the earth!"

Turn your palms to the sky, empty shell in one, feather in the other.

"I call to thee hecate
From sea, 
sky, and earth
Through shell of water, through feather, and through earth!"

"I call to thee! Maiden, mother, crone.
Beautiful goddess hecate!
Defend me!

Hide me from the dark in your mist!
Protect from harm by placing your animals in my midst!
Light my heart with of your torch, release me with your key!
Oh dear goddess hecate!
Defend me!
Blessed be."

Afterwards, its best to burn the feather, shatter the shell, and brush the dirt into the wind. Its not necessary but will quicken the spells effects. Boiling them in a cauldron works to though.

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