El Caldero de Sol

El Caldero de Sol

sábado, julio 09, 2016


What's On My Altar

Well I decorate my altar with grapes because this is the vine month and this year we got a lot grapes from our vines, and perls onions, bread, tomatoes, apples, etc... and oak cones from my tree infront my house, because I considerer is a sacred tree for celtics traditions, I'm a celtic druida o celtic wicca. My little travel budha I love budha, ofcorse red candle for Goddess and green for God and my God eye what I made with my hands, and I told you make my pentragram vine stick.

Enjoy!! Happy Mabon for everyone!!

How I Celebrated Mabon

I'm a celtic druid practitioner, on celtic tradition Mabon is only Fall equinox, they make a feast like Thanks given day here in USA. only for say thanks to the Earth Mother for take a good year and good harvest.

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